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Who We Are



For more than 40 years our primary mission has been to design and manage employee benefit plans for plan sponsors and the employees and family members they cover. After more than four decades experience with “group” benefits, we have expanded our scope of to assist individuals – with special focus on those who are age 65 and older. We help seniors (and others) find the best and most cost-effective Medical/Rx plans as well as Dental and Vision coverage.


Our knowledge of employee benefit plans plus a sophisticated computer system support our ability to continuously evolve in an ever-changing economic and regulatory environment. Our IT and operational capabilities enable us to react quickly and efficiently to implement new services and methodologies requested by our clients. We proudly exceed 99% in operational accuracy.


We go beyond benefit plan management by providing education, communication, and actuarial support at no additional charge to clients. At the employee/individual level, our knowledgeable professionals are responsible for both examining claims and providing customer service. This means that callers will speak only with representatives who know and understand their benefit plans, providing accurate, immediate solutions and answers to their questions.



What We Do



Benefit Plans

Dental Benefits

  • Self-Insured, Group Plans
  • Insured Plans for small groups
  • Dental Network Access for individuals    and groups
  • Vision Benefits

  • Self-Insured, Group Plans
  • Insured Plans for small groups and         individuals
  • Vision
  • Prescription Drug Benefits

  • Self-Insured, Group Plans
  • Rx Discount Card for individuals and      groups
  • Flexible Benefits, Group Plans

  • FSA (Medical and Dependent Care)
  • HRA
  • Limited FSA or HRA (Dental and Vision    Care)
  • Retirement HRA
  • HSA
  • Parking/Transit
  • Medicare Education and Enrollment

    Benefit Support Services

  • Debit Card Administration
  • Enrollment Management
  • Benefit Plan Design
  • Actuarial Analysis
  • Medicare Part D – Subsidy Recovery
  • COBRA Administration





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