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Dental Network Access Program

Fees for dental services vary from dentist to dentist - by a lot!

Do higher fees mean better quality?

Few, if any academic studies have shown a relationship between dentists' fees and dental quality.

About 1/3 of all practicing dentists in the United States have agreed to charge
relatively low fees to patients enrolled in the Dental Network Access Program.

With this Program, patients are billed lower, more affordable fees.

Individual: $52.00 per year - Only a Dollar a Week!

Add just $12.00 per year to cover any and all Family Members - Only a Dollar a Month more!

Pay lower, more affordable fees. No premiums or claim forms.
One third of practicing dentists in the United States are in the network... it's easy to save!

THIS PROGRAM IS NOT INSURANCE. It does not serve as a substitute for comprehensive dental insurance coverage.

Price transparency
The annual fee includes pre-treatment estimates
Know what you'll have to pay before you're treated by a network dentist.

For an explanation of the importance of dental networks and dental insurance, and for
information about dental fees in your geographic area and throughout the United States,
see the materials prepared by FAIR Health, Inc. at

No Dental Insurance? Here's Help!

Step One

Find a Network Dentist

Select Network Type:
Individual Membership

Step Two

See Cost Details

Health Economics Group, Inc. does not guarantee that a particular dentist will acc ept DenteMax fees as payment in full. Confirm network participation and fees before receiving treatment. Note that specialists and some general dentists may charge higher fees than
shown in the fee schedules. We rely on the judgment of DenteMax as to the professional competency of dentists in their network. Our role is to make the DenteMax network available to members of this program. Our liability is limited to the amount paid for the card(s).