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Medicare Concierge Services

For Monroe County Retirees and their Spouses

Annual Enrollment October 15th - December 7th

We’re here to help - at no cost to you!


It's time to take a fresh look at your options for 2024

If you haven’t reviewed your health insurance in a year or two, or if you’re not satisfied with the plan you have, now is the time to schedule an appointment with one of the organizations below. There are many Medicare plan options. Coverage details change each year. The plan you have now might not be the best one available for you in 2024.

The two organizations shown below are available to explain the various options. They will help you select the plan that’s best for you, considering your health conditions as well as your travel plans. Several options for next year have dental and vision benefits. Not all offer comprehensive coverage outside of the greater Rochester area. You’re invited to meet with an “expert” who will discuss your Medicare wants and needs and then help you with the enrollment process – all at no cost to you!

The County provides a Retiree HRA spending account for you to use for health-related expenses.

Thanks to your County-provided Retiree Health Reimbursement Account (RHRA) plan it is available for you to use for health-related expenses. We can answer questions that you might have and provide examples of how you may be reimbursed for Medicare- related premiums and for your medical, dental and/or prescription drug costs.

For help that’s free to you, contact either of these organizations. They’re qualified to explain your Medicare options and tell you how your Retiree HRA works. Also, they will help you select and enroll in a plan option that is best for you. Remember, a zero-premium plan option isn’t necessarily what’s best.

Medicare Advisory Services, LLP
(a non goevrnment entity)
Mary Ann Strohmeyer
(585) 261-6377



NY Medicare Specialists
(a non government entity)
Lee Kern
(585) 739-6916

If you would like in-person help, walk in hours will be held at the following locations:.

Tuesdays 9:00-12:00
Health Economics Group, Inc
1387 Fairport Rd
Building 1000, Suite A-1
Fairport, NY 14450



Fridays 9:00-12:00
NY Medicare Specialists
1425 Jefferson Road. (2nd Floor)
Rochester, NY 14623

They do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-Medicare to get information about all of your options.

Here’s a full list of Medicare plan options

Medicare Advantage Benefit Comparison Chart

You can use your Retiree HRA account funds for these expenses

How Your HRA Works

If you already know which plan option is best for you, it’s easy enroll online

Enroll Online

If you ever have a problem with a Medicare claim, a Medicare appeals consultant is available to help, so you can be assured of receiving all the benefits you’re entitled to.

Medicare Appeals Consultataion




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