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COBRA Dental Alternative


COBRA Dental is expensive for those who lose "regular" dental plan coverage.

Employers are required to offer COBRA Dental coverage; the same plan that active employees have. In order to be covered by the employer's plan, COBRA beneficiaries must pay 102% of the dental plan premium.

Due to cost, relatively few who are eligible actually enroll in COBRA Dental. Those who do enroll are likely to do so because they expect to receive more in plan benefits than they will spend on premiums.

A good alternative to "regular" COBRA Dental coverage is the Dental Network Access Program.

At $52 per year, (+$64 for an entire family) it's much less expensive than "regular" COBRA Dental.

While it isn't insurance, the Dental Network Access Program enables patients to gain access to much-needed dental care at affordable prices - the same fees that many dentists accept when their patients have a "regular" dental plan. Patients may choose to visit any of more than 100,000 network dentists throughout the United States.

Visiting a dentist regularly is important to a persons' overall health. The Dental Network Access Program is an economical alternative to "regular" dental plan coverage, especially if a person must pay the full premium.






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