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Dental Network Background


Dental fees vary from one geographic region to another.
Fees in San Francisco are higher than fees in Seneca Falls, NY, for instance.

Dental fees vary within every geographic region.
In each region some dentists charge fees that are 50%, or more, higher than what some other dentists in the region charge.

Dental fees vary with the same dentist.
Dentists often charge (accept as payment in full) different patients different amounts.

Because there are few, if any, generally-accepted dental quality standards, there is no assurance that high fees for a particular procedure mean high quality (or that lower fees mean lower quality).

Not all dentists agree to be in the network, but more than 140,000 throughout the country do participate. Dentists in the network typically accept amounts that are much lower than area average fees, in every part of the United States.




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