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  The Benny™ Card

The Benny™ Card is a special-purpose Visa® card for use with our FSAs and HRAs. With Benny, participants simply swipe the card, and the funds are automatically deducted from the applicable benefit account(s) for payment. Benny eliminates most out-of-pocket cash outlays and some paperwork. The major advantage of Benny™ is that it allows you to pay many eligible health care expenses at the point of service rather than waiting for reimbursement.

Benny™ draws on the value of your annual election amount. It gives you an easy, automatic way to pay for qualified healthcare expenses not covered by your health insurance. Each time you incur a qualified healthcare expense at a health related business (like a pharmacy or doctor's office) that accepts Visa®, simply use your Benny™ Card. The amount of your qualified purchases will be deducted from your account automatically.

Using the Benny™ Visa® Card is simple because...

  • It's automatic — the funds are immediately transferred from your benefit account at the time you incur the expense.
  • It's fast — a simple swipe of the Card makes it hassle-free!
  • It's easy — but in some cases documentation will still be required after your purchase. Be sure to save all EOBs, pharmacy receipts, etc., as you normally would.
  • It improves your cash flow — you don't have to lay out cash at the time of purchase or wait for reimbursement checks.
  • It's easy to track — your current balance is available around the clock at www.MyBenny.com.
Benny Card

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The Benny Prepaid Benefits Card


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